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Dennis Mukai's art depicts the rarefied world of high fashion and feminine beauty with an original sense of style. His palette and gestural brushstrokes evoke the fluid elegance of Oriental ink painting. Mukai was born in Hiroshima, Japan and was influenced by that country's master printmakers such as Utamaro, Hiroshige and Hokusai. Not only did he appreciate their asymmetrical use of space, he adopted their fascination for the beauty of women.

Mukai went on to study at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where his talent was encouraged by artist Patrick Nagel. Nagel influenced his student's developing precision and concern for detail. Mukai applied those lessons while his expressive style evolved in its own unique direction, one that embraced a looser, less graphic appearance than that of his teacher and friend.

Mukai's lyrical compositions transcend their connection to illustration to become contemporary icons, coolly restrained yet humanistic images. His reductive line, the inventive use of negative space, and compositional refinement imbue his subjects with a seductive mystery.

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