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Prop Rental Film Credits:

"The Cure"
Island World Productions, MCA/Universal Pictures
Released 4-21-95

Unstable Molecules Inc., MCA/Universal Pictures
Released 10-20-95

"Grumpier Old Men"
Warner Bros.
Released 12-22-95

"In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice"
Patchett Kaufman Entertainment
TV Movie, 1995

"Beautiful Girls"
Snow Plow Inc., Miramax Films
Released 2-9-96

Working Title Films, Gramercy Pictures
Released 3-8-96

"Feeling Minnesota"
Minnesota Pictures Corporation, Fine Line Features
Released 9-13-96

"D3: Mighty Ducks"
Gordonˇs Last Song Productions Inc.,
Walt Disney Pictures
Released 10-4-96

"Overnight Delivery"
Special Delivery Production, New Line Cinema
Released 4-1-98

"A Simple Plan"
A Complicated Plan Inc., Paramount Pictures
Released 12-11-98

"Drop Dead Gorgeous"
Capella International, New Line Cinema
Released: 7-16-99

"The Cradle Will Rock"
Cradle Productions, Touchstone Pictures
Released: 11-26-99

"Joe Somebody"
20th Century Fox
Released: 12-31-01

"Spider-Man II"
Sony Pictures
Release Date: May 2004

"Revolutionary Raod"
Dream Works SKG
Release Date: Jan. 2009

"Public Enemies"
Universal Pictures
Release Date: July 2009

"Total Recall"
Recall Productions
Future Release Date: Aug. 2012

Prop Collection Preview:

Our collection includes hundreds of unique vintage items not offered for sale, which we will be gradually adding to the website. Below is a preview of items photographed thus far.

Adding Machine Blender Blow Torch

Blow Torch Blow Torch Camera/Film Accessories

Flex-i-File Ice Pick Ice Pick

Surgical Lamp Notice Boards Oriental Rug

Paper Trays Phones Safe

Postal Scale Postal Scale Postal Scale

Tape Dispensers Wood Chairs Wood Desk

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