Terms of Sale

Shipping charges, additional storage charges and any applicable sales, use or excise taxes are in addition to the prices quoted for merchandise. Inside delivery, assembly and installation are the customer's responsibility unless separately quoted. A 50-percent down payment is required for any merchandise requiring refurbishment or restoration work, with another 25 percent due after two weeks and the full amount required before shipping, delivery or pick-up; and upon completion of any applicable refurbishment or restoration work. Merchandise remains the property of Past Present Future (PPF) until payment is made in full.

PPF is not liable for any delay or failure to deliver due to fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, act of God, act of any governmental authority or of the customer, riot, embargo, fuel or energy shortage, wrecks or delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary labor, materials, services or manufacturing facilities from usual sources, failure of suppliers, subcontractors or shippers to meet their contractual obligations, or any other causes of like or unlike nature beyond PPF's reasonable control.

If customer will not accept delivery of merchandise when PPF is ready to make shipment, the merchandise may be transferred to storage. Transfer to storage and storage cost will be at the customer's expense and PPF may deem such transfer as delivery for all purposes including invoicing and payment, unless the transfer to storage is made prior to the specified shipping date.

Unless complete instructions as to shipping method and route are stipulated in writing by the customer, PPF has the option to ship by, what is in PPF's opinion, the best way. Merchandise may be delivered at one time or in partial shipments. Customer bears risk of loss or damage during shipment. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, shipping will be billed separately from merchandise.

Receiving Merchandise
It is important that the customer inspect all delivered merchandise for any obvious damage, and to report such damage immediately, before signing any bill of lading or receipt of delivery. When the driver or delivery person is still present, PPF strongly recommends the customer note any damage directly on the bill of lading, and to have the driver or delivery person sign and date acknowledgement of this note. If the customer is not available at the time of delivery, PPF advises that any third party accepting delivery, such as a doorman or co-worker, follow this same procedure. PPF also recommends the customer retain copies of all shipping documents.

PPF is not responsible for damage or loss suffered in transit or in storage. Customer must examine merchandise and note any obvious damage on carrier's delivery receipt. Damage which becomes apparent when the merchandise is unpacked should be reported to the carrier as soon as discovered. All claims made against PPF for defects, errors or shortages must be made by letter, fax or e-mail within 48 hours of the delivery. Failure to make any claim against PPF within 48 hours shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of any defects, errors or shortages.

No merchandise may be returned to PPF without PPF's consent and shipping instructions. Orders may not be terminated or changed without PPF's consent, and a change or cancellation charge may apply. Projects which involve custom paint or restoration work cannot be cancelled once work has begun. New merchandise must be unused and shipped to PPF at customer's expense. Refunds for returns of new merchandise will be granted by check only, upon receipt of merchandise. Return of any Emeco furniture is subject to a 25-percent factory re-stocking fee.

We Accept


PPF defines "as-is" furniture as being in original condition. Since this can vary considerably, the precise condition of a specific piece will be provided to the customer upon request. PPF defines "refurbished" furniture as including cleaning, detailing, minor repair work and/or the replacement of missing parts. This includes new upholstery on most chairs. PPF defines "restored" furniture as being fully restored to near factory-new condition.


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