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Shimon Okshteyn was born in 1951 in the town of Chernovitz, part of the Ukraine in what was then the U.S.S.R. Okshteyn's study of art began at an early age. Reflecting tremendous artistic promise, he was accepted into the renowned Odessa Art Academy at the age of 19.

From 1972 to 1979 the artist participated in more than twenty group and one-man exhibitions in major museums and public galleries in the Soviet Union. In the spring of 1980, Okshteyn emigrated to the United States. In his new environment, Okshteyn's art went through a phenomenal stylistic transformation.

Okshteyn's imagination was captivated by the bewildering variety of life offered in an American city. The variety and intensity of everyday life sparked the new artistic series that dealt with ôAmerican RealityÝ. Okshteyn's provocative forms and bold colors coupled with conceptual and artistic innovations place him among the most successful artists of the day.

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